Transform Your Suffering. Isn't it time? 

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A "chance to be more empowered to make the changes I want to make. Be more positive- look at life through a different lens."

Course participant

 "I feel validation for my journey, which could be depressing, but I choose to find joy. This class helped!!"

Course participant

 "I had hoped to find meaning to my life and coping skills. I am energized. Feelings of hope and high expectations for my working through the future." 

Course participant

 "Met both expectations (permission to accept my creativity, mindfulness reinforcement) and exceeded my enjoyment expectations." 

Course participant

Courses.... Online and Self-Paced

Practical coping skills to transform your emotional suffering in a fun, creative way. Learn at your own pace, from any device, at your convenience.  

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Creative Community Support

Join our supportive community and connect with students from all over who are just like you. Learn and share your art with our Private Group: Create MORE Peace

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