Transform Your Suffering. Isn't it time? 

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Wondering if this program is right for you?

My Create MORE with Mary How programs include one-on-one coaching and self-paced online courses combine art making and coping skills training and are designed for women and men experiencing a painful life transition such as divorce, empty nest and job loss.

I know you are busy, and maybe traditional therapy hasn’t worked for you. My mission is to use art making and coping skills to help you manage your busy life in a bold new, efficient way to create MORE peace, love and joy in your life. I will inspire you and give you effective tools that will empower you to create the life you want for yourself.

As a board certified art therapist, I have spent over 20 years helping hundreds of adults like you use art and creativity to transform their suffering and create a life they truly love.

Create MORE involves re-creating your life, and telling a new story with a powerful 4-step foundation that includes:

  Motivation to break the rules
  Owing your ability to create a life you want      Radically accepting life on life’s terms              Embracing the present

Change can be scary, but haven’t you suffered enough?

Contact me at: (803) 269-8730 or

Courses.... Online and Self-Paced

Practical coping skills to transform your emotional suffering in a fun, creative way. Learn at your own pace, from any device, at your convenience.  

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Creative Community Support

Join our supportive community and connect with students from all over who are just like you. Learn and share your art with our Private Group: Create MORE Peace

When asked "did we meet your expectations?", here's what people said...

 "Yes! I embraced creating a new story. It was a lot of FUN every time I came and it's motivated and  empowered me" 

Jess Creech
Course Participant, Veteran, Big Red Barn Retreat

 "Mary gave me the chance to be more empowered to make the changes I want to make. To be more positive and look at life through a different lens." 

Course Participant

 "Mary offers ridiculously amazing guidance and support towards supporting one's self." 

Coaching Client

 "Yes! I feel validation for my journey which could be depressing, but I choose to find joy. This class helped!!! 

Margaret-Ann Ashburn
Create MORE Course Participant

More Client Testimonials....

 "I did not expect to come out of my shell. I expected to gain knowledge that I could take back to others, but it opened my mind a lot." 

Army Solider
Big Red Barn Participant

 "I feel mandala journaling has helped me release my grief and negativity. I have grown my inuition and been able to use art to meditate and have a healthier experiences because of this." 

Course Participant
Richland Library, Columbia, SC

 "Absolutely (met my expectations). I am energized feeling of hope and high expectations for working through the future." 

Susan Stockdell
Create MORE Course Participant