Create MORE: The Four-Step Foundation for Art as Inner-work

The Four-step Foundation for Using Art as Inner work to Decrease Emotional Suffering and Transform Your Life

Course Summary
Do you want MORE out of life? Board certified art therapist, Mary How walks you through the steps for getting started. In these on demand lessons Mary offers the same love and support in-person students receive. Plus this option is much more affordable than therapy, and more efficent too!

The Create MORE Intro Course uses a unique combination of cognitive restructuring, mindfulness and'll be making an altered book!

This online, self-paced foundational course was designed to help you increase access to creative thinking, innovative ideas and alignment with true passion and purpose.

Mary How's four steps to Create MORE include:
   Motivation to break the rules
Owning your ability
Radically accepting all that is
Embracing the present

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Course participants are eligble for one-on-one personalized coaching with Mary, and at a reduced rate too.

Not sure if this program is right for you, contact Mary and she'll be happy to answer your questions.  

Course Curriculum

Mary How

Mary How, MA, ATR-BC is an art therapist and emotional resiliency coach with twenty+ years of experience helping people recover from trauma and mental illness. A modern day mindfulness expert, Mary uses a unique combination of art and psycho-educational skills training in her online courses and personalized coaching program. Her courses will teach you coping skills including: 

  • Art for Healing & Inner-work
  • Emotional Intelligence 
  • Mindfulness & Intuition
  • Relational Health & Spiritual Partnership
  • Crisis & Stress Management
  • Dream-work
  • Signs & Synchronicities 

As an artist Mary practices regular mindfulness meditation by creating mandala circle drawings and facilitating community based art experiences while working alongside group participants to help them understand and assimilate the skills that she teaches. You can find her inspirational products at Cusp Culture and Etsy

Mary earned her master’s degree in Art Therapy from Vermont College of Norwich University. She is a board certified, registered art therapist and has served both locally and nationally to advance the profession of art therapy.

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Create MORE

$75 USD

  • Create MORE: The Four Step Foundation for Art as Inner-work

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