How does Motivation to Break the Rules Builds Strength?

This morning I spent my time editing the workbook that goes along with the Create MORE Course that is being launched this week. The grammar rules

This morning I spent my time editing the workbook that goes along with the Create MORE Course that is being launched this week. The grammar rules filling my head while editing got me thinking about rules in general. Like how grammar rules were established to help us communicate and understand each other better, or how traffic laws are meant to keep us safe. 

There are plenty of new rules that have that have popped up in our world this year, and it seems everyone in my vicinity has an opinion about the best rules to follow. Whether we are talking about grammar rules, traffic laws, or any other set of rules under the sun, rules are helpful in society. They keep us safe and help us feel secure.

This post isn’t about what rules need to be established or followed, unless we are talking about one of my FAVORITE rules, which is this one:

Rules are meant to be broken.

It’s this oxymoron: rules are meant to be broken that led me to include the Motivation to Break the Rules concept and skill in my Create MORE course.

Now, how about I tell you some of the reasons why I love this rule so much?

Breaking rules leads to:

Growth and change. By stepping out of our comfort zone we can move toward the life we want. It’s okay to take calculated risks. If your (or another person’s) life or safety is not in jeopardy, then maybe it’s time to try something new.

Enhanced confidence and strength. Many rules are intended to keep things in order and while order is good, it also holds us back. Social rules that apply include waiting your turn, or keeping silent to keep the peace. Speak up for yourself with confidence. Stop being less than who you were born to be. Breaking rules is being bold.

Problem solving. By taking a risk, and by addressing problems in a new way, you may be noticed as a trendsetter. Maybe you’ll find something new that works more effectively than the old way of doing things.

Joy. Okay, please practice discretion here, but know that sometimes it’s okay to have that extra slice of pizza. A lot of the rules that we live by are placed upon ourselves in the form of “I should…” or “I shouldn’t…”. Allow yourself to follow your inspiration, your passion and let go.

This is where your power lies. Trust that whatever answer you need lies within you somewhere. It may be hidden, but I promise you it’s there. It is in the subtle whispers of your truest, most authentic voice nudging you to take a chance and play by your own rules is where you will find your strength. And if you aren’t there yet, I would love to help you on your journey to find it. 

Written by Mary How, MA, ATR-BC

Mary How, owner of Create MORE with Mary How is an artist, art therapist, coach, teacher and writer with nearly twenty years of experience working with survivors of trauma, mental illness and behavioral disorders. A modern day mindfulness expert, Mary uses a unique combination of cognitive restructuring, mindfulness and art in her personalized coaching and group skills classes. 

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